When it’s Time to Move On

When it’s Time to Move On

When it’s Time to Move On

It is never easy getting over a breakup, especially when you have been with that someone for quite some time and you have an on again – off again relationship for a very long time. I know it seems impossible at this time, you always miss your ex that all you want to do is run back to his or her arms. But you know, deep down that going back would be a mistake, so you just have to move on and take some time to mend your broken heart. You should take some time and space to completely heal yourself.

For you to move on, try these tips and no matter how much you want to, never get back together… for good.

Avoid Trash Talking

It is understandable that you are upset, your ex let you down again for the nth time, but no matter how mad you are, you have to choose to be the better person. So hold yourself back from posting bad things about him on social media – from tweeting song lyrics and from telling everyone at school or work everything bad about him and everything that he did wrong. If you do this, you will only look bitter and desperate for attention, your words might even come back to haunt you.

Venting out to other people about your ex will only ruin your mood and keep your from forgetting and letting go of all the remaining feelings that you have for him. So wipe away those tears, keep your head high and avoid all of the unnecessary drama that you can. Remember that you are way better than that.

Go Out with Friends

Plan a getaway together with your friends, plan an epic night out, go shopping and pamper yourself, do things that will remind you of how happy and exciting being single can also be. Don’t just curl up on your bed and listen to The Script or Taylor Swift’s breakup songs all day, there are other more fun things to do. Focus on your relationship with friends and family for a while.

Delete His Number…. for Good

You will be tempted to call or text him at some point, you might even send him a drunk text or call him while you are crying. To avoid that from happening and to keep yourself from humiliation, better delete his number from your phone, and don’t even try to memorize it before you delete it!

The “Just Friends” Trap

Choosing to stay friends with your ex, especially the ones that you just broke up with might actually be a bad idea. This would even be more difficult if you two share the same group of friends, go to the same school and share classes or work at the same place. I am sure that your ex will understand if you want to keep your distance for some time from him, and your friends would most definitely understand if you don’t hang out with them is your ex is there. You can be friends someday, but right after the break up? I don’t think so.



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